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1. Basshole 11 up, 2 down

1 N. A combination of the words bastard and asshole. A bastardly asshole.

2 N. A fish butt, usually noteworthy.

1. You are such a basshole!!

2. Sweet jesus bill, would you look at the basshole on that one.

by BarryWhite May 10, 2003 email it
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2. basshole 8 up, 3 down

A jackass that drives through residential areas at three in the morning with the subwoofers on his car stereo at maximum volume.

See also inbreeding.

I was enjoying a restful slumber, when this basshole came driving by, causing everything in my apartment to rattle, almost as if hit by some localized earthquake phenomenon.

by Lunarsight Aug 13, 2004 email it
3. basshole 5 up, 3 down

Bass fishermen who have no respect for other peoples property and carelessly bounce their lead sinkers off of other peoples boats and/or speed through "no wake" zones.

Some basshole broke my port side window yesterday, fucker got away.

tags basshole bass hole hard guy ******* shitheel
by Machu Pichu maryland Oct 4, 2006 email it

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mistressk said:


-mistress k
Better watch this might cause a Copyright battle with Special Ed.. not sure of the laws on it, but I am sure it will be more complicated since it is now and international thing.. ;) :lol:

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Nope. nothing. nada. I am unique! nothing googled (other than MYSELF) using wehrd1.

no images - oh well. I knew i was THE weird one :)
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