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winter riding

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I read some old posts about winter riding, and they really made me feel like I wanted to get out. Yesterday I was plowing snow and dreaming of climbing about my new to me C50. Today when the temp got to 36, away I went. Roads clear except for little drifts feathering in from the road edge. Glad that Lawrence Grodskiy convinced me to go full face helmet back in the mid 80's because it was comforting to close the shield. Not a long ride - only 30 miles, but it gave me a chance to check the new tires and feel the brakes. Hear and feel the exhaust mods. Even smell the antifreeze and wonder where that smell is coming from! Snow in forecast Wednesday through Sunday, so hopefully next week.
Like to read of your rides.
Cornhusker Joe
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never had any issue riding in the winter as long as the road conditions allowed safe riding. Usually lasting anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on the temps, dressing is of upmost importance especially with the hands. Using heated gloves works wonders as well as fleece for base layers including on top of your head under the helmet. Needless to say no one expects to see mc's on the road during the winter season so really being aware and assuming they don't see you will help you to avoid unnecessary emergency stopping. Also if ice conditions had existed several days before you ride and warmer temps have melted the icy spots, be cautious when riding under overhanging branches as these will often prevent the sun from melting the ice and the ice will still be on the road...Been there...done that...learned the hard way.
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