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Where are the visitors???

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I have been here twice today and not seen any new names appear. Am I going to be moderating nothing? :shock: If yes...Good. It might be too much work. :lol:
I am beginning to like the looks of things over here. I just wish I could do some more reading.
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I wonder how GaryM's doing?
Moderators necroposting? :shock:

We must need a good fist fight to break out about now... :p
Glad I got to read this from start to finish. Kinda gives me a little history on the VR. Looks like this one started up like most do. You start loading up with people then the fighting stars and a new forum is born.

The word i like on this forum is Moderators. I like that word. they are who makes or brakes a site. Thanks moderators.

As Mr Spark would say. Be will and prosper. ( V )
Actually it was sort of like that but it was more of a performance issue that lead to the creation of this board. As was alluded to earlier in this thread originally there was a Yahoo board that started it all back in 2001 when the new VL800 Volsuia first came out. As traffic quickly grew there a member decided to create a new board that was easier to access. He did a great job and that was the original VOL site. It was way better than the Yahoo site but occasionally did go down due to technical things. They also did have the invariable fighting and such but both are nothing that any sort of internet board deals with. Meanwhile some members from VOL decided to create this board in 2002 due to a short string of outages on VOL. I think it's also a matter of any time you have a group of people you cannot make everyone happy. Some will decide to go off and do something different. It's not a bad thing. Life would be really boring if everyone thought the same way. 8)

At first it was not very busy here but whenever VOL had a minor outage everyone would quickly gravitate here until VOL was back up. When the owner finally pulled the plug on the old VOL site then traffic here increased and has been growing ever since. Over the years there have been many other great spin off sites created by members. One of our members even was able to get rights to the site name and recreate the old VOL site and he's done an excellent job with it. I believe the old yahoo site is still out there in cyber land somewhere also - although I have not been there in years. I recall traffic was almost nil there and it was mostly spam the last time I checked it which was probably around 2003. Anyone know if it still exists?
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burpos said:
Oh yeah. I am lucky member number 17. Let's roll!!
Easy big boy, you don't want to get your post count up to high! :D
oh yea I found it one time when the VOL went down. Been a regular since.
Talk about flash backs!!!
remember the old board well...where it all started for me and has become a nice addition to the last 10 years of my life..that site and this site.... the people i have met because of it...the friendships...rallies..just in general good times i have shared with many others...remember when i got my first bike 04 vol...experienced wet leaves in the driveway and down i went...bent the shifter so ordered a heel/toe///got on the site and asked a few questions...turns out Gary M lived 5 minutes away...drove over to his house and he did what needed to be done... and a friendship was formed and it was from his experiences with the people he had come to meet from the board that I finally gave attending a rally a try. hope all is well with him...i know he moved to believe it was Georgia some years ago.
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