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Where are the visitors???

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I have been here twice today and not seen any new names appear. Am I going to be moderating nothing? :shock: If yes...Good. It might be too much work. :lol:
I am beginning to like the looks of things over here. I just wish I could do some more reading.
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See...If you all would have found this place like I did a couple of days ago you would all be moderators too. :)
I think it's pretty cool. Not a replacement but an alternative. It runs fast, has more than one server and has these little guys... :twisted: :evil: :shock: ....gotta love it.
I hope it doesn't take on the form of the IA with people following others around and replying to EVERYBODIES posts and seeing how they can make fun of them. Those from the IA probably know who I'm refering to.
This is good though. You can see who's on line and who's not at work when they're suppose to be. :lol: I guess it took a while to find but it caught on fast in one day.
Hell, I still go to the Yahoo board a few times a week to get rid of all the posts that have links to the great cyber black hole.
So I go to a total of 4 different boards each week. Each has it's own thing to offer. Except the Yahoo club, it's pretty dead. It offers maintenence each time I gi there.
Bump :lol: :lol: :lol:
1 - 4 of 68 Posts
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