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Debaffled on the weekend - really easy to do (with the right tools). I love the sound of the bike on idle, but I reckon it is a little too loud when running (as does my girlfriend).

Does anyone else agree? Is there any EASY way to tone the pipes down a little - about halfway between stock and debaffled would suit me perfectly.

Thanks to everyone that helped me out.


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M50, Stock Pipes


1. Drilled first B-Plate
2. Removed first B-plate and baffle
3. Drilled second B-plate (Mickey)
4. Removed Mickey plate
5. Drilled 3rd B-plate
6. Removed 3rd B-plate (reset computer by removing ground terminal off battery and letting it sit for a couple of hours before reconnecting)

Between all of these steps, I rode the bike for several days to feel the difference in power and sound. At every step, there was an increase in sound and power. Most of the sound is at throttle and now it sounds like it has a pair. Idle is louder, lower rumble sound. Throttling is a deep choppy to clappy sound at lower speeds. If you full throttle it, it's pretty darn loud. I live in a quiet neighborhood and leave early for work so you can see it is NOT that loud (however, I creep out of the neighborhood in the AM).

I really like the look of the stock pipes and now I enjoy the sound. I really turn heads when I ride but it's not just from the looks, it's the sound too.

Note, there is SOME popping on deceleration and downshifting, but it's not that bad and has a deep sound to it. It goes with the louder sound of the bike (if you know what I mean).

Note: After each step above, the sound will change again after a few days of riding. This is what I call the burn-in factor.

Now everyone I know asks me "did you get new pipes? it really sounds nice!"

Next future mods will be a Filtercharger and FI2000.

My 2 cents

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