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Recently we have had a tragedy beyond words happen to one of our VR family members, Mr. Chad Cole (aka man of no consequence).

If you have not read about it there is a thread here in the friends and family thread started by him ( I could really use your prayers today... ), or you can read his blog here: Our little secret: My heart is broken...

In the past membership has used the VR Relief Fund for fellow members who have been in motorcycle accidents, but at the request of many here it was felt it needs to be open again for the benefit of a great loss and assistance to one of our own here.

Effective NOW/Today the VR Relief fund is open to accept NON-tax deductable gifts for our brother Chad..................

You may pay pal your donation to: [email protected]

As always the fund is managed by our esteemed members Bugman and aVOL2 who will oversee. All funds donated (less paypal fees) will be sent to Chad. Please join us in giving them a huge thank you for once again stepping up to handle this difficult process.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact VR member ‘aVOL2’. (Julie)

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I just want to express, again, how thankful I am for the support of the great members of the VR.

The outpouring of support has been, and continues to be, overwhelming.

I'm really looking forward to meeting several of you at some of the rally's I'll be able to attend this summer.

Chad Cole
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