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VR Registration Difficulties Thread

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I am posting this because occasionally, a friend or acquaintance of a VR member has not completed the VR site registration process, and the VR Administrative Staff is here to assist, in that capacity.

First, the registrant must have a good email address.
FYI: Yahoo is currently not allowing Our Administrative email messages to enter the Yahoo email system. We actually discourage the use of Yahoo for that reason.

Second, about 75% of the registration problems result, due to registrants not checking their bulk or spam folder for the Administrative email message.
FYI: If the registrant fails to add the VR email addy to their contacts list, Our message will likely end up in their spam or bulk folder.

Third, We cannot indefinitely hold inactive accounts. After a certain period of time, the inactive registrations have to be cleared, though this does not include members who have been deactivated for other reasons.
FYI: Should You require registration assistance regarding an acquaintance or friend, please send a Private Message to either: Psyc0, or Capt Cruiser along with the particulars, and We will gladly assist You and the new registrant.

UPDATE: The VR Administrative email address is as follows:
[email protected]

Thank You,
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This good Psyc0, occasionaly mods recieve e-mails concerning difficulty registering. The last one I recieved was, yes, a yahoo account. This will be a good post to cut and paste into a reply e-mail, thanks.
Sorry I am a new user, cannot find how to edit my posts. Plz help
Thank you
Welcome, Tarkus, from upstate in the Catskills.

The answer below assumes that you are viewing the site in a browser on a computer, and not on a phone. The site will display differently on a mobile device.

When looking at your posts, there should be a number of buttons (probably black in color) at the bottom of each one. The choices should be:

[ > Edit] [ > Quote] [ > Multi-Quote] [ > Quick Reply] [ > Thanks]

Naturally, you will want to click the first button, for EDIT. You'll then be brought to a screen where you could either edit or delete the post.

Once you've finished making your changes, scroll down until you see the button to SAVE. That should do it.

Please note that you can only edit posts for 1 year.

Hope this helps!

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