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VolusiaRiders.Com (VR)
A Suzuki VL800 Volusia and Boulevard C50 Owners Community

Why we are here:
To provide a friendly environment to discuss motorcycle riding, repairing, modifying, customizing, tips & tricks, advice on motorcycle issues, trade stories from the road and meet with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. VR does not restrict membership on sex, race, or location. We are bound together by our common love of motorcycles. Though this site was created and is aimed at the Suzuki VL800 series “Volusia” and Boulevard C50 motorcycles, it is open to anyone interested in motorcycling.

Rules of the Road:

1) – Each user is permitted to have one (1) account on VR. Anyone found to have more than one account will be asked to choose one and the others will be removed.
2) – Every account must have a unique and working email address. This address does not need to be publicly viewable, but it does need to work. Accounts with email addresses that do not accept mail will be suspended until the owner provides a good account.

Account Types:
Four basic types of account exist:
1. – Users – Create and respond to messages and message threads, post and review images.
2. – Vendors (paid) – Same abilities as users with the additional privilege to advertise products as specified in their separate agreement with VolusiaRiders/Vertical Scope.
3. – Moderators – Same abilities as users with the added responsibilities of moving and locking threads, moderating user interaction, voting on user bans
4. – Administrators – Same abilities as users along with the responsibilities of moderators as well as maintaining the full site including configuration, user bans and deletion and responder to [email protected] email account.

1) – Members may have Avatars that will display at the left of each post they make.
2) – Only one image may be displayed at a time
3) – Maximum dimensions are 80x80 pixels and a 23 KB file size
4) – No nudity including buttocks, genitalia, women's nipples
5) – No profanity
6) – The site reserves the right to delete any avatar it deems offensive or inappropriate.

Signature Lines:
1) – Every member may have a signature line message that will appear under every post the member makes.
2) – Signature line text may not exceed 255 characters
3) – No use of swear words
4) – No harassment or personal attacks
5) – Images used in signature files may be no taller than 200 pixels in height and 500 pixels wide. A member whose image is oversized will receive a Private Message asking him/her to reduce the image to the posted size limit.
After 24 hours have elapsed, if no correction has been undertaken, the image will be removed.
6) – Images used in signature files may contain no nudity including buttocks, genitalia, women's nipples.
7) – No user other than a Vendor (paid) may include advertising links or references to items, or services for sale in the member’s signature line.
8 )– The site reserves the right to delete any Signature Line text or pictures it deems offensive or inappropriate.

Photo Gallery:
1) – Members photo gallery image File size is limited to 128KB
2) – Image size is limited to 1024 pixels tall by 1024 pixels wide
3) – Images must be motorcycle or motorcycle event related
4) – Images must not contain nudity

Main Motorcycle Boards:
1) – Messages should stay on topic for forum they are being posted in.
2) – No excessive use of swear words
3) – No Harassment or Personal Attacks
4) – No messages posted specifically to stir up trouble or discontent
5) – No cross posting of the same posts in multiple sections

Off Topic Sections:
Four message areas have been designated for non–motorcycle related discussions:
1. Friends & Family – Birthday, anniversary, birth, death, and other similar family related messages. This section is for “G rated” discussion only
2. Daily Laugh – optional adult humor related messages
3. Off Topic – Optional general area for non–motorcycle discussions
4. Playground – optional Adult Only section! – Almost no-holds-barred discussion; if you can’t take the heat don’t go there. This forum must still abide by the Image Links rules. This forum is NOT work friendly and is NOT for children.
5. Current Events - Political discussion, current media events, etc. (Please be civil to other members who are posting there)

Image Links:
1) – Images that do not contain nudity may be shown inline using the IMG tags. The staff would appreciate it if images were no bigger than 800 pixels wide.
2) – Images that do contain nudity (images with genitalia or a woman's nipples visible) must be in link form only, and are restricted to the Playground Forum, and must include a warning that they are not safe for work – NSFW
3) – Images or links the site deems offensive or inappropriate will be removed

1) – Except for Vendors (paid), commercial advertising on the site is prohibited (see item 8 for non-commercial Swap Meet exceptions). A non-Vendor (paid) member may request staff permission to offer items for sale. At the sole discretion of the staff and Vertical Scope, permission for small-scale offerings may be permitted if the item(s) offered would not be in competition with any items offered by a Vendor (paid) and if it appears that the offering will be of benefit to the general site membership due to its economy, originality, etc. If permission is granted, the regular member may post one (1) message to the vendors section with an introduction, to which other members can respond with reviews. SUCH SPECIAL PERMISSION WILL BE REVOKED IF IT IS ABUSED OR IF A VENDOR (PAID) SUBSEQUENTLY OFFERS A COMPETING PRODUCT.
**Small vendor VR members, if approved, must limit their offering to ONE THREAD ONLY**

2) – Members may respond to other members’ requests for equipment to say that they have it and how much.
3) – No Flash/Shockwave graphic advertisements
4) – No Animated graphic advertisements
5) – No posting of daily, weekly or monthly specials
6) – Vendors (paid) are exempt from the above rules
7) – NO SPAM
8 ) – These free advertising options will not be permitted when they conflict with product offerings presented by paid vendors. If, for instance, a Vendor (paid) is selling Adjustable Fasartas on the site, no other member will be permitted to offer new Adjustable Fasartas for sale. Exceptions are allowed for the occasional, non-commercial sale/exchange of USED (and rarely unused but unneeded) items in the Swap Meet and Bikes for Sale forums.

Warnings / Penalties:
1) – Private message or public warnings will be issued by moderators and administrators for minor infractions. Repeat or more serious infractions can result in:
a) 7 day suspension of posting privileges
b) 30 day suspension of posting privileges
c) Loss of account and being banned from the site
2) – Suspensions may occur without a prior warning if the staff believes the action is merited.
3) – Posting privileges may be suspended or terminated if the staff feels that a member's online demeanor is sufficiently disruptive or detracts from civility on the board.
4) – A member who has been banned may apply for reinstatement after one year's time. Reinstatement is not guaranteed. If reinstated there will be a zero tolerance policy in place for disruptive behavior.
5) – ALL complaints regarding the administration and moderation of Volusia Riders MUST be communicated to the site owner, an administrator or moderator via Private Message or e–mail so as to discourage discord on the board. There will be zero tolerance on this and any and all publicly posted complaints will be removed from VR and only addressed if submitted via PM or email.
6) – If a member is suspended and found trying to circumvent the suspension with additional accounts or by other means, the original suspended account will be subject to additional disciplinary action, and all additional account(s) will be deleted. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent, lifetime ban from the Volusia Riders site.

These are meant as general site rules. The sheer volume and variety of posts on VR makes it almost impossible to provide written rules that cover every specific situation which may arise. While the administrators and moderators of this forum cannot review every message, they will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible.

Members should not post abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful or threatening messages or any material that may violate any state or federal laws. Doing so can lead to disciplinary action up to and including being immediately and permanently banned from the site. All posts made to VR forums express the views and opinions of the authors, and the site staff and ownership shall not be held liable for the content.

The owner, administrators, webmaster and moderators of reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post or topic and deny posting privileges to any member at any time should they deem it to be in the best interest of the board. Their decisions will be reviewed, and additional or different actions may be taken per consensus by the site staff.

Thank you for your compliance and we hope you enjoy the site! and the VR Staff

Please read the Vertical Scope "Terms of Use" Vertical Scope - Driven by Enthusiasts
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