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I just got a 2009 C50SE with Twin Slash Staggered pipes. Although I haven't even seen the bike yet (won't till April 17th) my sister has received the bike and let me know that it's extremely loud. I'm not one for loud pipes and I discovered V&H makes quiet baffles. I'm wondering if anybody knows if the Super Q (<-- Revzilla) Baffle will work with my pipes. I'm sure I don't want the regular Quiet Baffle even if it does work with my pipes. I do like the way these pipes look.

Anybody know if Super Q's will work? I've sent an email to V&H but it'll probably take some time to respond.

[adding this after initial post]

V&H got back to me and they said the Super Q is not compatible with my pipes. They said the Quiet Baffle with part# 21899 will work. The 21899 looks different than the QB and the SQ.
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