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I have an 03 vl800 that was purchased with V&H straightshots, K&N air filter, and everything else is more or less stock. I have done a valve adjustment, recharged the K&N, adjusted the clutch (at the engine and at the lever, and changed the oil.

I WANT to put some heat wrap on it, because...I want to. I have no idea if the carb was rejetted when they changed pipes, or if it is even necessary. This is the only volusia/c50 I've ever ridden, so have NO IDEA what "right" is. The only issue I have had is if I yank the throttle completly, sometimes it seems to "over rev." Not sure if this is a slipping clutch, or a carb/throttle issue, but it is very minor, and easily avoidable. I'm probably going to get a barnnett clutch kit for fun regardless.

Now, for the real question. With provided info, if I wrap my V&H straights, should I need to rejet, and what is entailed in "rejetting." Pretend like I have no idea what I'm doing. Acutally, you don't have to pretend...

Thanks for any info and constructive criticism in advance.
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