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Unable to login

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For some reason i was asked to login(allways used the remember me)anyway i tried several different times and was unable to,never had this happen in all the years ive been a member,finally i was issued a new pass word and was able to login, anybody shed any light ?????
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Seriously-if you are running Windows and it just sent out a bunch of updates
check and see if they loaded correctly. My wife d/l's Windows latest and couldn't even connect to her geaneology sites. Had to reload the updates again and everything was fine.
No updates and no other computer problems, yea probley aliens
Your browser may have dumped all the baggage weight of passwords, etc.
Same thing happened to Me a couple days ago, on My laptop.
Google Chrome "pushed" an update last week on mine. Same thing all form data was purged including saved passwords.
^^^^That could be was out of town thursday and friday and not on computer, just glad to be back so i can listen to all this VERY important BS lol
Amen that :)
need to pay all your back dues too....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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