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Turn signal wiring to instrument cluster

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I recently did an LED conversion on my 03 Volusia. Everything is working except after the upgrade the turn signal indicator on the instrument cluster stays on all the time. I’ve narrowed the issue down but for the life of me cannot seem to figure this out. Where are the light green and black wires going into the instrument cluster getting switched power from? When checking with a test light both wires have voltage at all times. When the turn signals are activated they pulse between high current and low current. Can anyone tell me where there getting constant current from? It’s not the flasher relay as they still have power with the relay removed. They only lose power when you pull the signal fuse in the fuse box. Some where the orange with a green tracer is tied to the light green and the black wires going into the cluster. Any ideas?
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I wired in a set of Non Led lights and had the exact same issue. Now I'm putting on LEDs and still getting that issue. Also cant get them to work right now with the LEDs. 😒

I've tried so many things and still cant figure this out.
I'm betting its either on the back side of the instrument cluster or inside the headlight bucket. Though there are two separate filaments in the front turn signals/running lights, there might be something going on inside the headlight bucket where the connections are. Just a thought...
So my lights finally just started working on their own after I fixed one connection. They hyper flash and the cluster lights are always on still no matter what I seem to do. 😒
Hyperflash will happen when you have a blown turn signal bulb, a missing turn signal, or are running LED turn signals with a non LED turn signal relay.
Hyperflash will happen when you have a blown turn signal bulb, a missing turn signal, or are running LED turn signals with a non LED turn signal relay.
I understand about the low draw of LED causing hyper flash. Now if someone can explain why my cluster lights stay lite that be awesome. It's happened now on two different set of lights, with 3 and 2 wire setups. I have a Led relay coming for the bike in a few days for the hyperplasia flash, hoping it will fix the cluster issue. 🤔

My Forte is more mechanical/fabrication, so any electronics gurus out there wanna help. 🤞
The dash staying on has me stumped. Are your grounds good? Did it function normal before swapping to new signals? I'm more of a Honda guy when it comes to electronics, but I wonder if Suzuki Designed the gauge cluster to Illuminate the dash light if it senses a blown turn signal bulb. Dead regular bulb, like an LED swap may cause the dash light to stay on. Let us know the results with the LED relay. I reread the OP and he doesn't clarify if he used an LED relay. In addition, his comments about power lead me to believe he saw power going to the front running light filaments not knowing about the second filament for the turn signal (disconnected). I think your on the right track Murdered.
The low draw relay fixed the hyoerflssh, but did nothing for the cluster lights staying on. I'm starting to think diodes are going to have to be used. 🧐🤷
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