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Don`t work to hard Jerry. :ROFLMAO:
Since this whole pandemic started and now with the global semi conductor/micro chip shortage I’ve been laid off from my paying job more than I’ve been working. This last week I received a call and I go back to work on October 25th.
I’ve been spending the time by finishing the renovation on my previous house, selling it and buying another house and doing a bunch of work on the new one. The selling of the last house and buying our current one was brought on by the fact that my Mother-in-law will be moving in with us in the spring of 2022. The new house has a separate entrance to the basement from the garage and she will have her own private apartment there. She is at the point where looking after her house is getting to be to much so she wants to sell it and move into something where she doesn’t have to look after out door chores, cutting grass, snow removal and such. Denise and I offered her the option of an apartment in a house with us so she can still have her independence but not have to worry about any maintenance and such. She loves the idea.
I’m sure to man up stairs didn’t plan a global pandemic and semi conductor shortage just to give me the time off to do this but the timing has been appreciated even though I’ve been working my butt off.
Now I can go back to work on the 25th to relax a bit.
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