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I am going into my 4 riding season. June was a busy month of planned riding from Canada to Baker City. This year I have become very frustrated at myself for not riding up to my ability.

Those who have rode with me, know I suck BIG time on the corners. Why I do not know but I slow down on corners to the point of a crawl, very unsafe. I told my hubby this year that if I don't get this corner thing down I was going to reitre from riding :eek:(

Rode with a good friend of ours back from Sunriver this last weekend and he asked me a lot of questions about the corner issue I have. After listening and watching him I have come to the conclusion that I truly don't know how to corner on a motorcycle. One would think it would come naturally but not with me!

I decided to look for a class to take on cornering. I contacted a man by the name of Ron Burch with Motofit Group out of Grass Valley and spoke with Ron for a few hours about my issues. July 9-10 he is having a track course training program and asked me out to learn from his group. Ron promisses he can make me a better rider :0)

I registered for the class and look forward to learning all I can from this group! Told Ron I was a little afraid of the "track" course and he explained the track is the safest place for me to be and for him to teach me the proper way to ride. I will keep you posted as to how I do!!!!
If you properly maintain your bike's equipment, and as long as you aren't trying to do something that is completely unsafe, then it sounds like you're having simple trust issues with your equipment. As strange as this may sound, I honestly think that a trip down to the 'Tail of the Dragon' would make a much better rider out of you, because it teaches you how to swiftly react to various corners, leans and angles. It also forces you to learn how to trust your equipment.
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