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The smallest things

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Guess what a $0.02 sheet metal screw can do?

It causes you to get stranded on the side of the road. Having to call the wife to change out a bike rack to put on the trailer hitch. She has to fetch a motorcycle trailer from U-Haul. Then I spend the rest of the weekend pulling off the rear wheel. Find the screw. Pull the tire. Replace the tube. Remount everything.


$0.02 = $100 and the loss of most of a weekend and stressing out your spouse.

Hooray for road debris!


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That does suck, at least there was no blow out, that would have been really bad.
All in all, it was a very subdued event. Picked up the screw. Non-event. VERY quick deflation. Dead flat WHILE I was sitting at a stop light. Probably hit the screw within the past 50 feet while slowing down for the light. Noticed the flub flub flub trying to pull away from the light. Got off the road. Earlyish on a Saturday morning, so, no traffic really to deal with. Got onto the sidewalk. Got on the phone with the wife. First words... "I'm sorry I have to do this to you. I have a flat." Practiced a skill that you don't use much. Power walking from the side of your bike, to a parking lot. I bet it was a bit of a spectacle watching some old guy walking a running motorcycle in the crosswalk. :) It's amazing how light these near 600lbs machines feel, when they are in working order. Then a flat. You all of a sudden know EVERY bit of that 600lbs, that is preventing you from moving that beast. If it was flat AND had no running engine. NOPE! It's now a 3 man move.
Yes, all went as well as could be expected. Pretty optimal experience.
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It could be worse. You could have been this guy.

Yea, that's about as bad as it's gonna get, when your back end falls off the axle. Rough.... No thanks.
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