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The Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Introducing the Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt !!

Here is how it works:

I'm posting a photo scavenger hunt target involving your motorcycle. You must be the first to take your picture with the target and post it to win. No old photos allowed...the pics must be current!

The winner will then post a new hunt, and it's Game On again!

The targets must involve the motorcycle in the photo in some way.
Please keep the targets rated G or PG, and something all riders everywhere can do. The idea is to have fun and be creative :)
No Photoshopping allowed!!

Every now and again, I'll throw all the winners names into a hat, and draw a name out for a new Ride Bell, complements of me :)

Rules for the anal rentative:

1- NO photoshopped pic
2- Pictures can only be used once. Each target requires a new picture
3- No old pictures (past ralleys, vacations, etc)
4- You, your bike, and the target requirements all must be in the same picture.

Soooooo....with that in mind, here it is:

Target #1:

Take a picture of yourself, your bike, and a fully uniformed Law Enforcement Officer, all together. If you are an LEO, you got to get a buddy with you in the pic also.
Cops, RCMP, Bobbies, Park Rangers...all or okay as long as they are in uniform!

Now get out and get your pic :)

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I don’t recall seeing this thread before but I’ll try to do my part!
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