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The Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Introducing the Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt !!

Here is how it works:

I'm posting a photo scavenger hunt target involving your motorcycle. You must be the first to take your picture with the target and post it to win. No old photos allowed...the pics must be current!

The winner will then post a new hunt, and it's Game On again!

The targets must involve the motorcycle in the photo in some way.
Please keep the targets rated G or PG, and something all riders everywhere can do. The idea is to have fun and be creative :)
No Photoshopping allowed!!

Every now and again, I'll throw all the winners names into a hat, and draw a name out for a new Ride Bell, complements of me :)

Rules for the anal rentative:

1- NO photoshopped pic
2- Pictures can only be used once. Each target requires a new picture
3- No old pictures (past ralleys, vacations, etc)
4- You, your bike, and the target requirements all must be in the same picture.

Soooooo....with that in mind, here it is:

Target #1:

Take a picture of yourself, your bike, and a fully uniformed Law Enforcement Officer, all together. If you are an LEO, you got to get a buddy with you in the pic also.
Cops, RCMP, Bobbies, Park Rangers...all or okay as long as they are in uniform!

Now get out and get your pic :)

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I'm going to see if I can hit this one today.
Ok, this may or may not qualify as a library. I figured I'd use an unusual library for an unusual picture. Actually, a friend of mine bought this last year so she could bring books to the local migrant worker children in the small towns around our area. The city replaced it with a new one, so she picked this one up pretty cheap. The city bookmobile doesn't serve a very large area, so she is able to fill a need. She even gets time off work one day a week to do this.

The books were all donations from friends and family, including a big box full from the PhilJet household.
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Okay...that's just awesome right there!! Is to good hit in my book.

Next target?
This idea came from my wife...she calls it steel horse, real horse.

You, your bike and a horse.

Is that enough bike? It was a kind of awkward spot to dismount!
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Is that enough bike? It was a kind of awkward spot to dismount!
The bike is OK - but what animals are they in the background?:biglaugh:
Looks like a hit to me! Thanks for bringing life back into this thread.
It will hopefully pick up again now that weather is getting nice again.
interest has waned, which suck.
Colleeen is trying to get it going again over on facebook.
Don't think it's interest in the activity...just interest in the site in general!
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Don't think it's interest in the activity...just interest in the site in general!
I have to agree... Nothing against the folks currently here, but I seem to find less and less that interests me here all the time. I was starting to notice that even before I parted with the C50. If I see something that interests me, the thread almost always get ruined by someone who has a personal agenda to preach, feels that their input is invaluable to the rest of the world. Very seldom do I feel compelled to post lately, because of that... Unfortunately there are a few on here that almost always come across as condescending and all knowing, and that is just a big turn-off. I will probably always come here to look around and see what is happening, but probably won't post as much.

Disclaimer... This is not one of those threads I'm speaking of, and it is sad to see such a potentially fun thread/activity fall by the wayside and die, but the site as a whole, doesn't draw my attention like it once did...

Just making an honest attempt to say how I feel about things...
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time to un-sticky and let the thread fade away.
Thanks to everyone who played!
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Thank you Ed for all you did while the thread lasted.. It was a blast..
wow this thread died? thats sad

Ed you can only breath life into something that will be able to survive on it's own, and sadly this has died, but your efforts have been valiant, and appreciated!!

I only got in a few but thanks to all of you who played along!!
BUMP!!! GET THE PADDLES............CLEAR!!!!!! CHECK FOR PULSE!!!!:biglaugh::biglaugh: COME ON!!!!! I will try to revive this.....................You, your bike in front of a Fire Station with a sign that says..Spray me, It's hot out here!!!!
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