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The Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt

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Introducing the Great Motorcycle Photo Scavenger Hunt !!

Here is how it works:

I'm posting a photo scavenger hunt target involving your motorcycle. You must be the first to take your picture with the target and post it to win. No old photos allowed...the pics must be current!

The winner will then post a new hunt, and it's Game On again!

The targets must involve the motorcycle in the photo in some way.
Please keep the targets rated G or PG, and something all riders everywhere can do. The idea is to have fun and be creative :)
No Photoshopping allowed!!

Every now and again, I'll throw all the winners names into a hat, and draw a name out for a new Ride Bell, complements of me :)

Rules for the anal rentative:

1- NO photoshopped pic
2- Pictures can only be used once. Each target requires a new picture
3- No old pictures (past ralleys, vacations, etc)
4- You, your bike, and the target requirements all must be in the same picture.

Soooooo....with that in mind, here it is:

Target #1:

Take a picture of yourself, your bike, and a fully uniformed Law Enforcement Officer, all together. If you are an LEO, you got to get a buddy with you in the pic also.
Cops, RCMP, Bobbies, Park Rangers...all or okay as long as they are in uniform!

Now get out and get your pic :)

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Past Target Winners!!

#1 - Vol_Intruderw/cop
#2 - V01rider w/Hooter girls
#3 - Vol_Intruder w/welcome sign
#4 - Wehrd1 w/fire truck
#5 - Harryp w/water tower
#6- Wehrd1 w/school bus
#7 - Harryp w/soccer team
#8 - Vol_Intruder w/truck picture
#9 - "T" Thumper w/indoors
#10- Vol_Intruder w/post office
#11- CTVert w/bar blowing bubbles
#12- Soda Pop w/color sign
#13- Wehrd1 w/starbucks employee
#14- Banjokirk w/bank employee
#15- Vol_Intruder w/McDonalds

-----Ride bell winner (by drawing): "T"-Thumper ------

#16 - Harryp w/out of state member
#17 - Banjokirk w/airplane
#18 - [email protected] w/blvd sign
#19 - Red-C-50 w/ice cream
#20 - Vol_Intruder w/boat in water
#21 - Wehrd1 w/celeb
#22 - Special Ed w/ State or County fair sign
#23 - Vol_Intruder w/cemetary gravestone showing any Hilton, Lohan, or Spears

Hells Angles target changed

#24 - Air4ceOne w/you and your bike and you and your bike
#25 - InfiniteDomain w/Harley dealership, holding a sign that says HARLEY SUCKS

Transvestite target changed

#26 - Wehrd1 w/public art
#27 - Special Ed w/farm animal and homemade hat
- Wehrd1 w/landmark
#28 - Special Ed w/fruit stand
#29 - Harryp w/covered bridge
#30 - Soda Pop w/train car with graffitti
#31 - Rde-C-50 w/drive-in movie

**Karate kid contest for ride bell fordfan is the winner

32- JackDaddy w/jersey and Heisman pose
33- Paddyo w/antique car
34- [email protected] w/barn and pitchfork
35- V01rider w/smalltown city limit sign
36- The Man w/high school mascot, cheerleader, or football player
38- Air4ceOne w/Vet's/War Memorial military vehicle or military artillery
39- JackDaddy w/carved pumpkin at patch
40- Paddyo w/teenager standing next to a lawnmower
41- 66ChopperDaddy w/ toddler on his/her trike
43- Air4ceOne w/natural landmark
44- Paddyo w/street must be the name of a state
45- Cort w/reputable stealer
46- Summergirl w/church marquee sign
48- JackDaddy w/a piece of roadkill
49- Raz w/house decorated for Halloween
50- Misunderstood w/barn
51- TNrookie w/port a john
52- Misunderstood w/limo
53- Jmaz99 w/snowman
54- Special Ed w/house decorated for christmas
55- Summergirl w/baby jesus in manger
56- Red-C-50 w/santa hats and mistletoe
57- Air4ceOne w/ sunset
58- Misunderstood w/McDonals'd arches
59- Mipjsp1999 w/raido van on remote
60- Special Ed w/dressed like cupid with flowers/candy
61- Wueen of the Hill w/crime scene outline of body
62- Jmax99 w/nuclear sign

**(ride bell contest)** bell donated by Bobcephus (thank you!!)Air4ceOne is the winner!

64- Air4ceOne w/ tax mascot
65- Mipjsp1999 w/ old time diner
66- Wehrd1 w/ miitary recruter and sign
67- Mipjsp1999 w/ electric truck and sign
68- Air4ceOne w/ irish pub
69- Special Ed w/ convienence store and mug
70- Rushbass w/ christmas lights in March
71- Misunderstood w/ temp agency
72- Biker Principal w/ nursery
73- Harryp w/ school and sign
74- Queen of the Hill w/toilet
75- Red-C-50 w/ cleaning supplies
76- Jmax99 w/suzuki dealer
77- Born2bWild w/ gym
78- Mipjsp1999 w/ mexican resturant and somberro
79 Pyrotic w/ tattoo shop
80 Special ED w/lake
81 Air4ceOne w/community theater sign
82- TNrookie w/foreign country sign
83- Misunderstood w/ barber pole
84- Special Ed w/ PD station
85- [email protected] W/ boat ramp and fishing pole
86- V01rider w/ dirty underwear
87- Tate w/ chinese resturant & cat
88-DeRider w/ walmart
89- Biker Principal w/your mom
90- Vol_Intruder w/ outback steakhouse
91- HeadHunter w/ truck hauler
92- The Man w/family on bike
93- Air4ceOne w/ library and clue weapon
94- Tate w/ porn store
95- Wehrd1 w/ flag and building
96- Calan w/care home and resident

*****Ride Bell Winner: Tate******

97- 66ChopperDaddy w/ Pepsi driver
98- Tate w/ horse and cowby
99- HeadHunter w/water tower
100- Biker Principl w/snake
101- HeadHunter w/ guitar or drum
102 Queen of the Hill w/swimming pool
103- Tate w/couch
104- Vol_Intruder w/clown
105- HeadHunter w/street sign that is your name
106- Tate w/car wash
107- XoZe w/girl in bikini
108- Tate w/someone in tux
109- RoadwarriorC50 w/ice cream truck
110- Seasmokie w/ fish on hook
111- Seasmokie w/ member of US coast guard

7 Sins Ride Bell contest!

Winners: New2Blvd, Vol_Intruder, Biker Principal, and Red C-50

111- Tate w/ garbage truck
112- The Man w/bounce house
113- Jmax99 w/oversided household item
114- New2Blvd w/ mural
115- Red-C-50 w/scarecrow 9-29-08
116- Wehrd1 w/corn maze
117- Tate w/hearse
118- New2Blvd w/hummer (the car, not the...)
119- Special Ed w/bank and sign
120- Biker Principal w/galactic street sign and foil hat
121- New2Blvd w/bell
122- Tennvol w/handcuffed at police station
123- Tate w/"waterfall
124- Born2bWild w/bar wearing a tutu
125- Fryguy w/nun
126- Wehrd1 w/vampire
127- Fryguy w/store, butcher, and turkey
128- Jmax99 w/train and sign
129- Air4ceOne w/gun range and toy gun
130- Tate w/tannin salon
131- Air4ceOne w/store and discount sign
132- Jmax99 w/christmas tree lot
133- Air4ceOne w/vinyl record
134- CTVert w/salvation army ringer
135- Tate w/ pet decorated for holiday
136- Rde-C-50 w/hot dog and sign
137- The Man w/lit christmas tree
138- Special Ed w/new year's resolution sign and calendar
139- Fx4 w/ laptop showing
140- Special Ed w/Pjs at fastfood and food
141- The Man w/superman "s" and pose
142- Fryguy w/valentine's day card and flowers
143- XoZe w/ teacher and sign
144- Biker Principal w/batch of cookies
145- Jmax99 w/swimsuit and snow and(sand toys
146- Special Ed w/ govt building, sign, and flag
147- Tate w/ benchmark
148- Born2bWild w/ups driver and truck
149- Air4ceOne w/gnome 3-5-09
150- Birddog w/ barn and silo
151- Air4ceOne w/water fountain
152- Harryp w/radio station satellite
153- Tate w/ clock on building or sign
154- Special Ed w/pet at pet store
155- [email protected] w/ freemason sign
156- Special Ed w/campground
157- Xoze w/massage parlor
158- Mipjsp1999 w/at least 3 people on bike
159- Special Ed w/construction site
160- Summergirl w/homemade hula skirt
161- [email protected] w/female and mother's day sign
162- XoZe w/zoo and stuffed animal
163- Special Ed w/airplane used for business
164- Wueen of the Hill w/ pop up trailer
165- Ecks w/beech or island sign
166- Thenub21 w/ arch and city name
176- Special Ed w/laundromat and clothes
177- Vol_Intruder w/wearing flipflops
178- Tate w/cleaning bike and suds
179- Wood Welder w/sitting on mower at store
180- HeadHunter w/ high school teacher

Cop Car bell game Winner: Vol_Intruder

182- Vol_Intruder w/sparklers
183- Special Ed w/ video riding into driveway
184- Tate w/closed fireworks stand
185- Special Ed w. Liqueur Store and "will work for beer" sign (07-05-09)
185- Iron_Cowboy w/state-named street sign
186- Special Ed w/ Road Kill
187- Iron_Cowboy w/ ambulance
188- Tate w/ Casino, wearing bling and holding money
189- Krome Rose w/ three Slim Jims and a bag of Pork Rinds
190- Tate w/swimsuit holding a whole watermelon in front of the store
191- Special Ed w/mattress store, cuddling favorite pillow
192- wehrd1 w/firearms shop, showing your "finger guns
193- Tate w/ GM dealership, with a salesman, MOST EXPENSIVE vehicle
194- Special Edw/ atv at motorcycle shop
195- Special Ed w/ train depot and tracks
196- wehrd1 w/ building cornerstone
197- [email protected] w/ slow children sign
198- wehrd1 w/ 1 room schoolhouse
199- TheToolGuy w/ girl in bikini and sign
200- Ecks w/ tool truck and driver with sign
201- [email protected] w/ toilet
202- chevelle69 w/ tv station and sign
203- Smithy w/men at work sign
204- TheToolGuy w/ gun and target
205- blinky260 w/ drive in waitress on roller skates
206- BikeMike w/ statue and pose
207- Special Ed w/ cash for clunker vehicle
208- iron_cowboy w/ hospital and head bandage
209- TATE w/sign and freeway exit
210- Special Ed w/ mannequin
211- iron_cowboy w/ movie theater
212- Special Ed w/ hot dog cart and sign
213- iron_cowboy w/bridal shop
214- Tate w/ air dancer
215- streak w/ bowling alley
216- Special Ed w/ couch on front lawn
217- Vol_Intruder w/in tree
218- streak w/ weigh station
219- Special Ed w/board game in park
220- ZoXe w/ umbrella
221- tdl w/ party hat party whistle, and balloon
222- streak w/ sign holder
223- krome rose w/ manly gift
224- ECKS w/ kissing spouse and $20 bill
225- brian7549 w/ cub scouts saluting flag
226- krome rose w/ tarantula
227- streak w/ thermometer and stethoscope
228- Smithy w/ pregnant woman and sign
229- tate w/ riding lawnmower
230- brian7549 w/ extended boom
231- Special Ed w/ expired meter
232- brian7549 w/ sleeping on a park bench
233- Red-C-50 w/ dinosaur
234- New2Blvd w/ dump truck
235- ZoXe w/ historical marker and book
236- Tate w/ robe, slipers and shower cap
237- krome rose w/ fighter jet and sign
238- Special Ed w/ hobo pack and sign
239- [email protected] with keg and sign
240- New2Blvd w. mooning the camers

Ride Bell Contest:
YMCA POSE...winner steak

241- scrapiron w/trick or treating in costume
242- Tate w/ pile of leaves
243- XoZe / sunrise
244- scrapiron w/ archer pose
245- New2Blvd w/ mile marker and undergarment
246- Special Ed w/ playground and sign
247- streak w/ star ars mask and store
248- Tate w/ boss
249- rustyford w/ s'more
250- Special Ed w/ seafood shop and sign
251- Tate w/ forced perspective
252- Special Ed w/ Hulk Hogan mask at lawyer's office
253- jmax99 w/ bike illegally parked
254- Special Ed w/ santa hat and present and store
255- streal w/ shopping carts around bike
256- Tate w/ charlie's angels pose
257- Vol_Intruder w/ Captian Morgan pose
258- Tate w/ superman pose
259- WereGrouch w/ speedlimit sign and finger
260- frodg w/ party outfit
261- WereGrouch w/ swimwear in snow
262- Special Ed w/ diaper (baby new year)
263- Tate w/ stopsign and stripper pose
264- streak w/ sign at university
265- Tate w/ gas station attendant pumping gas (page 273)
266- Special Ed w/ dealership and 2010 sign
267- Red-C-50 w/ shovel of snow
268- Skrapiron w/ football helmet
269- BraknBonze w/ toy in noose
270- Soda pop w/ favorite pet
271- Tate w/ team hat
272- Skrapiron w/ pulling a roller skater
273- Tate w/ irish drink
274- Skrapiron w/ another member of VR
275- ECKS w/ VR member on each other's bikes
276- Tate w/ green hat
277- Roland w/ bigger bike and sign
278- Special Ed w/ cell phone store and sign
279- Vol_Intruder w/ hacked stop sign
280- Tate w/ pool table
281- Red-C-50 w/ smart car and sign
282- Special Ed w/ basketball court
283- Vol_Intruder w/ upside down on monkey bard
284- scorpio_vette w/ snowmobile
285- Vol_Intruder w/ naked goldwing (page 393)
286- wehrd1 w/ combine tractor
287- Special Ed /w burned house and sign
288- Vol_Intruder with firehouse bell
289- XoZe w/ helicopter
290- rushbass w/sialboat
291- XoZe w/ Denny's and sign
292- Special Ed w/ IHOP and sign
293- streak w/dip sign
294- XoZe w/ stripclub and application
295- Vol_Intruder w/ pink KFC bucket (page 404)
296- Paint pony w/paintball mask and gun
297- Vol_Intruder w/ coal fired power plant
298- wehrd1 w/ billboard that is motorcycle related
299- Vol_Intruder w/sign of a town/city/village that has a DIRECTION
300- Roadside America RIDE BELL CONTEST!! (page 417)

****Winner Tate****Sun Jun 06, 2010

301- Special Ed w/ Geek Squad VW
302- scrapiron w/ people in trunk of car
303- Special Ed w/ wishing well and sign (419)
304- Red-C-50 w/weight loss center
305- Vol_intruder w/number 419
306- Roland w/injury sign
307- Vol_intruder w/father adoption sign
308- Roland w/race car
309- Vol_intruder w/roller coaster
310- caballo w/slip n slide
311- Special Ed w/monument, park, or memorial dedicated to veterans
311- Goody w/moon (not human)
312- Vol_Intruder w/ airplan taking off or landing
313- Special Ed w/ truck reflection
314- Vol_Intruder w/ animal shelter
315- wehrd1 w/ antique shop
315- Vol_Intruder w/orchard
317- Special Ed w/ rocket
318- Vol_Intruder w/ lemonade stand
319- scorpio_vette w/ US no trespassing sign
320- roadwarriorC50 w/ snake (page 435)
321- caballo w/ baseball field
322- Vol_Intruder w/ dance studio and pose
323- Cort w/ out of state trooper
324- lil_horns w/ ex spouse
325- WereGrouch w/ shark
326- Vol_Intruder w/ candle light dinner
327- scorpio_vette w/ skull
328- BigBrotha w/ child pushing starter (and Hon Dong LOL)
329- Special Ed w/ Bail Bond office and sign
330- Scrapiron /wgraveyard, wrapped like mummy
331- Steak w/ pregnant woman
332-Special Ed w/ oversize item
333- Tate w/ Happy birthday Specal Ed sign
334- Ecks w/ trike
335- Tate w/ famous street sign
336- Special Ed w/ totaled car
337- HillbikkyJake w/cornacopia
338- Yoga Pose Contest! Winners are WereGrouch and HillbillyJake! Congrats! (page 346)
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I liked this so much I stickied it for where did I put that camera!
Does it count if an LEO stopped me for speeding and I'm in cuffs?
Awe, too bad it was raining out or I could have taken my bike to work tonite. I would have had this one in the bag! Great idea Ed!
This will be fun . . . now to go to the courthouse and wait.

I know it isn't new but I couldn't resist...

Ride Safe,
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sounds fun!!
darn it. had I known about this, i had my camera on the bike tonite. and had a confab with a m/c cop in Muscatine IA while sitting at a lite. I could have asked him for a photo op, but dang it!! I didn't know about the contest.

....but NOW i do.

...btw...i didn't even know Muscatine IA HAD m/c cops, and that was the lead in to my speaking to him in the first place.
Cool idea Ed. I wish I had my bike down here.
volusiantriker said:
Cool idea Ed. I wish I had my bike down here.
i bet not as much as the count wished he was there! ;)

definitely a cool idea, ed. always knew you were 'special', but when did you get so darn smart??
dangit, i coulda had one on tuesday night! a cop pulled out from behind the strip club while we were having a smoke in the parking lot before heading in, and asked politely if he could check our helmets and run our plates. we were even talking with another guy at the time who could have got the photo of both tank and i with our bikes! :curse:

ahh well..


-mistress k
Polovision said:
Do mannequin fake cops count? I know this isn't a current picture.

LMAO -- small town Utah justice!
mistressk said:
dangit, i coulda had one on tuesday night! a cop pulled out from behind the strip club while we were having a smoke in the parking lot before heading in, and asked politely if he could check our helmets and run our plates. we were even talking with another guy at the time who could have got the photo of both tank and i with our bikes! :curse:

ahh well..


-mistress k
Hey K, just wondering what they doing checking helmets? Thats a new one to me.
Siouxperkev said:
mistressk said:
dangit, i coulda had one on tuesday night! a cop pulled out from behind the strip club while we were having a smoke in the parking lot before heading in, and asked politely if he could check our helmets and run our plates. we were even talking with another guy at the time who could have got the photo of both tank and i with our bikes! :curse:

ahh well..


-mistress k
Hey K, just wondering what they doing checking helmets? Thats a new one to me.
yea, what the duece is this all :?
Probably to make sure they have the DOT sticker on them still.
It's pretty common in helmet states here to do that. Checking for DOT.
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