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As I mentioned in my New Member introduction, I inherited a rather poorly stored C50 from my father which I've recently begun to repair. I've already replaced the starter and battery, and still need to put in a new fuel pump assembly and fuel gauge. I thought I was going to have an issue getting my hands on the fuel pump, as the parts supplier I was going through had told me it was on nationwide backorder (I guess a bunch of us need new fuel pumps haha).

Thanks to a post in the HELP! section I looked into a few other parts suppliers and messaged them to see if they had the part I needed in stock. As luck would have it, both Oneida Suzuki and Partzilla had it in stock. Even more luckily, Oneida had it for over $100 less than Partzilla (and about $50 less than my supplier). I was able to cancel my original backordered part from my dealer this morning and thereafter placed my order with Oneida. Only an hour after ordering, I had already received a shipping confirmation 馃榿

I still have the fuel gauge shipping through my original supplier, however it should arrive more quickly now that they aren't waiting to ship it with an indefinitely backordered pump. My pump should arrive by wednesday, though I'll probably have to wait until next tuesday to begin working on the swap due to my dayjob. Either way, I'm hyped to potentially get the bike running as soon as next week.

I'll update this post with my progress, including some images of the bike's current state which I hope won't be too heartbreaking 馃槹
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