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The Captains Cove!!!

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"Welcome to a new area of the Volusia riders forum.

What is this forum??? It was formed to create a navigable bridge between the members of VR and the Admins and Moderators.

If you have some valid concerns with the site, or the management thereof, or suggestions, let’s get them out in the open here in a civilized manner and I will try to address them back in a civilized manner. This is a no shouting zone.

You can address your questions to me, I will either answer them for you, or, if it’s a complex question, I will get an answer for you. Other moderators may read the questions, but it will be myself getting you the answers, sometimes with the help of the other moderators.

This way you are dealing one on one with one person who will do what he can to make this site meet or exceed your expectations.

So starting now, I’ll take any constructive criticisms, praise or comments and see what I can do with them.

This is not however the piss and moan forum, (that is the next door down…LOL)

Please also remember that we all volunteer our time here – I do have a full time paying job, so please be patient and allow me enough time to get you the answers you deserve.

Fire Away!!!"
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Why are certain links that do not violate any rules or local laws blocked?
There has been a discussion with a particular vendor of our site over the past couple of days.

Somehow, these diiscussions appeared to have spilled over to other members and as a result excessive posting of the vendors link was being posted in numerous threads by more than a couple of members.

In an effort to stop this spamming of sorts, the link was temporarily disabled.

I would expect that within the next day or so, this will be rectified.

Thanks for asking!!!
Good enough.
We would hate to see the V O L U S I A R I D E R S S T O R E (DOT) C O M disappear.:biglaugh:
So why are threads and people getting blocked for putting up a link to a website that is non-porn.
As I had stated earlier, I think there is ongoing discussion between the site in question, and the Admins of this site.

Unfortunately, it appears that somehow this got out to a small percentage of the members of the VR site, and they decided to start....I would guess it could almost be called a spam campaign by posting the link to said site multiple times per hour.

This resulted in that web address getting blocked by the VS Admins until they could sort everything out with the website owner. Unfortunately they can't just stop one person from posting it, so it eliminated the link in multiple threads.

Had everyone stayed cool during the process, the web address would have never been blocked by the Admins.

Personally I'm hoping this is all resolved over the next day or so between the Website owner and VS.

Thank you for asking - I appreciate the opportunity to explain.
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Captain.... I am jonesing to get another boat. I miss my Four Winns, but Pittsburgh SUCKS when it comes to boating opportunities. Can you help me find a job closer to open water so I can get another?
Let me find you something up here is Massachusetts - great boating, both salt and fresh water, as well as awesome riding.
Is there a complete list of all of the staff anywhere?
Is there a complete list of all of the staff anywhere?
Yes there is, but looking at it, it seems to be out of date.

I will notify the Admins so they can update it.
You're Welcome.
You're Welcome.
Thanks - First round of Crown is on me.....LOL
So if you drink next to your bike, you're going to be the one with the Crown Vic? :lol:
I think you guys are great! Thanks for all you do.

PS Just one thing I'd like to request, a 'Spring' button kinda like cross-walk buttons to change the season quicker.

Come on Spring!!!
I know the site and don't understand the problem with a link.

So I can link a store site in my sig and if my friends decide to help promote it and add it to there sig the admins of this site feel threated? Ok maybe not but I have no clue why that site link would be a problem at all.
The site your refering to was not being "spammed" as a link in a signature, but it was being posted repeatedly.

Unfortunately, the Admins were trying to deter such behavior and had to temporarily block that web address. In doing so it effectively also blocked links in the signatures.

I would hope that this gets resolved to everyones satisfaction shortly.

Thanks for asking.
I think you guys are great! Thanks for all you do.

PS Just one thing I'd like to request, a 'Spring' button kinda like cross-walk buttons to change the season quicker.

Come on Spring!!!
With over 3 feet of snow in my yard - I second the motion for an early spring!!!
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