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Swap meet advise please.

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Did I do something wrong? I tried buying a item from a member in the swap meet. He posted the item, I respond within 18 minutes (1st to respond), sent a pm asking a couple questions. I told him I was interested in buying, even gave my phone number so he could send me Picts. After waiting several days with no contact, I pm'ed again and was told that someone else was thinking about buying, and that I was 2nd and in line. Still trying to figure out how I got bumped down the list?? My question is, ( for future reference) should I have just told him I'll take it, then thought about for a few days? Leaving him hanging till I decided? Or what? Maybe he just had something against Okie's or machinist's , I don't know? He seemed like a nice guy. I'm just confused! Advise would be appreciated!
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I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I have been in a situation where I had an item posted and as I'm reading a PM from some one who said they'll take it I go back to my post and someone has posted "I'll take it". It's hard to convince some one that posted to the thread that they were beat out by some one that sent a PM, but it happens.

Not to bust anyone's chops, (I have no dog in the fight), but my personal opinion is that "thinking about it" or "I am interested" is nice to know but really carries no leverage. First "I'll take it" wins.

I sold a lift table on Craigslist yesterday. I get an email from a guy 75 miles away that says he'll take it and will bring cash and pick it up on Saturday. Before I get a chance to respond to his email, I got a guy on the phone that says he's got cash and can be there in an hour. What am I supposed to do ? Last Saturday I sat around all day waiting for a guy that was coming to get something else I was selling, he never showed up.

I explained to the guy who was 75 miles away that if I still had the lift on Saturday he was welcome to come get it, but If I got a guy standing in my garage cash in hand I'm gonna sell the lift. It's gone.

btw, you didn't "do anything wrong".....some body beat you to the punch. It happens.
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I bet he che ked hiis posting before he checked his pmed messages . That's just my opinion.
Stuff happens. Sometimes I list stuff in multiple places. It could have been on Craig's list for days before they put it here in the swap meet. Who knows????
All I know is, I sent pm 18 min. after he posted. The next member sent a pm 4 or 5 hours later. Guess someone could have pm'ed faster than me without posting? I have be beatin to the punch several times here and I'm sure I've beat somebody else. Thats kinda half the fun! Kestral beat me by 8 min. on studlys pipes. Dang! Thought I had these other ones in the bag. Guess not! I just want some pipes that will let me drop my bags several inches, and look good. I'm not mad at the seller, he's probably a good guy. Just disappointed, though I understood the way it worked with the 1st pm was 1st in line.
It is wat it is! I'm sure I'll buy several more things here without a problem, and maybe sell some too. I've been schooled! Next time I'll just send a pm and post that I'll take it! Then worry about Picts and decide later if I even want it!
Just so you know - I personally know the seller and will vouch for him that he's a straight shooter and plays fair.

He's certainly not out to "screw" anyone.
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I think you got screwed.
I'm not mad at the seller
You did get screwed, and you should be mad at me. :bigoops:

I can assure you this didn't happen on purpose. After reading your post here, I went back and double-checked all my PMs. Come to find out, when I gave the member here dibs, I thought I was talking to the same guy. As in, you. Why? Because he was hounding me for pics (like you were), and I hadn't gotten off my lazy ass and taken them, yet. When I promised him I'd send the pics, I honestly thought I was still talking to the first guy that sent me a PM.

In my defense, the PM area is confusing. When I go into 'User CP', I often times see very old PMs in the top of the feed. Don't know why, but I do. Then I have to click on the new messages, and that's the only way I get an accurate order sequence.

I've been a member for almost 10 years, here. I've ridden with MANY folks from this site, and people who used to frequent this site, A LOT. The last thing I want to do is ruffle anyone's feathers, and I've clearly ruffled yours. This probably won't make you feel any better, but you weren't the only one that got screwed. Looks like I actually gave dibs to the third guy. I really am very sorry, but since we've already exchanged personal information, and his money is on the way, there is nothing I can do at this point.
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I have another list of things in the Swap Meet section. If the admins/mods wish for me to take that post down, I will, and won't be offended.

So sorry, Tane.
Slim, thanks for the clarification! It will take more than something like this to make me mad at ya. Sh*t happens sometimes! As far as getting screwed, its not the first and pretty sure it wont be the last. I'm just getting discouraged trying to find some pipes that will work. If it makes you feel any better, you can buy me a beer if we ever meet! I would hope that this doesn't hinder the sale of your other stuff, we all benefit from the swap meet. I just wanted to make sure I understood the process right, I've only been around a year.
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Too bad the guy that was third in line won't back out once he discovers he is getting them out of turn.

Then the guy that is first in line could issue the refund to guy #3 and get the pipes.

That's how it should work in a perfect world.

Unfortunately.... the world is not perfect.
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Not his problem, it's mine. I gave my word to the wrong guy in error, but it is my word.

so ...reading this actually makes me feel good about **** that reinforces the thought that the people/ members of this forum are honest upright people.. I am honoured to be a member and I really appreciate the honesty about the situation and understanding that has been extended. I will continue to trust and believe in the members of this forum... **** DOES HAPPEN but not always is it premeditated
Thx for listening
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