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Starting issue. Turn key no start.

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Question for you all. I have an 02 Volusia. Rode it last week I went to start it today and nothing, the oil light and neutral light come on as the should. The headlight and tail lights do not, there's no horn or turn signals and the fuel display/miles on the gauge.The battery has been jumped (year old battery it has 12v) all the fuses clutch side are fine and the two 30 amp under the seat are fine. Any help?
Cleaned the start switch contacts and grounds, nothing. Was able to start the bike jumping the solenoid under the seat. Have to have the choke all the way out and it runs like crap. Front jug gets warm rear jug is cool to the touch. Light come on and dies if you put the choke back in or give it gas.
I did not have this issue last week when I took it out .
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