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Spammy Ad redirects

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Hello all here recently, as a matter of fact four times today while browsing the site on my phone ive been redirected to here(first picture) did some digging and its actually a new ad method sometimes coming from google where you dont have to even click the ad for a redirect to either google play or this website which immediately began vibrating my phone which told me something got into my system

So I began digging and will continue digging tonight while im debugging through oDin to see what happened in my phone but the first picture is the spam ad, even lists the websites name with a popup, second is the ads at the bottom of the page where any random scroll will trip them

Just wanted to bring awareness, and see if someone maybe can figure a solution, apparently its becoming a very widespread thing now


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you mention odin, so i assume your rooted. just block all ads, much safer
Yes. The ad stream and the resulting delays in page loading is one of the principle reasons I quit using the mobile app. Installing an ad-blocker helps, but it still causes a long delay when the pages refresh. Awful design.
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Hi guys,

If you see any ads that prompt a redirect to another site, there are a few pieces of information that we need from you in order to properly block these ads from showing up again for you.

1) A screenshot of the redirecting ad
2) The full URL to the ad
3) Your geo location (some ads target folks living in specific places)
4) Where were you on the site when you got the redirecting ad?
5) What device and browser are you using?

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Nope, not rooted yet still under warranty with my note 5, use Odin just to debug and nothing else but didnt find anything harmful. ..yet as for where I was on the site I was just in a random thread and tried going to the next page

Once the Note 6 drops and I grab it though, ill be rooting all day
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