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tape it on your hollowed-out pumpkin, and "trace" the pattern's lines by poking pinholes over them. Then pull the paper off, cut over the pinhole lines, and you’ll have a jack-o'-lantern for the ages.

Nothing captures the playful spookiness of Halloween more than glowing jack-o'-lanterns. Years of pumpkin projects have taught us that it’s much easier to create a memorable gourd when you start with a stencil. So we tracked down the best pumpkin.

Halloween is not too far away, don’t worry if you are short on pumpkin carving ideas this season. We have compiled the most badass cool looking carved pumpkins for your inspiration.
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smithselly------ Spammer

Obliterated by VR Staff, TY!
Watch first123...looks iffy at best...
Watch first123...looks iffy at best...
Pakistan Spammer gone Walt, TY!
Thanks t-man! terminated.

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Charoos - in General

Charoos - spammer

sadmoon in Gen MC Discussion


Got 'em, TY!
Got 'em, TY!

Check the time.
terminated and blood mopped up. thx
Gampool is a spammer....

~Gone, TY!
safools - spamologist

safools the spamologist showed up in the general section.

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safools had second spam.... seems they always come in two's....
spammer desycrooz ...... one for sure but they always come in two's.... it seems

Got 'em, TY!

Sorry that it took 2 minutes.
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What time is it?

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