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I know this is for Suzuki part, but I know some have went to Victorys, like myself.

For sale, I have a 32 tooth over drive pulley for many Victory models. These overdrive pulleys will drop your Rev's by 300 RPMs in every gear making for a more usable gear ratio. Specially suited for those who run long distances. Victory has gearing that is a little short. First gear is almost not usable and high gear isn't high enough. This two teeth larger pulley makes your bike more user friendly. This pulley will decrease RPMs by 7%-8%. This pulley also uses all the factory parts, including the drive belt.

Will fit:
2003 Kingpin
2004 Kingpin
2005 Kingpin
2003 Vegas
2004 Vegas
2005 Vegas
2005 8 Ball with the 92CI engine and 5 speed
2003 V92TC touring cruiser
2004 V92TC touring cruiser
2005 V92TC touring cruiser
2006 V92TC touring cruiser
Will also fit 1999 - 2001 Victorys with an upgraded transmission

Installation instructions:
Victory Motorcycle Overdrive Pulley Installation

More information:
Victory Motorcycle Overdrive Pulley Installation Guide | eBay

Conquest Overdrive 32/35 Tooth Pulley

eBay listing for the pulley:
Victory Motorcycle 32 Tooth Overdrive Pulley 2003 2005 | eBay

My lack of research before my purchase is your gain. I bought this for my 04 Victory TC and didn't realize that it already had a 32 tooth pulley on it. These go for around $370 new. I am looking to get $240 shipped for the pulley, 48mm socket and 3/4'' breaker bar. Alone for the pulley is $200 shipped.

You will need the socket to get the pulley nut off.

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