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Today I sold my trusty 2008 DJ C50T.

The same fellow that bought my last bike, a 2007 DJ C50T bought this one. He heard from a friend that I had purchased a new bike. He called me and said, "I heard you bought a new bike." I said yes, and he said, "I want to buy your old one. and he did.:wayhappy:

In case you don't know, I bought Woodswoman's, Dr. Pepper. A 2010 Victory Crossroads. I am working on it to make it mine for touring. When I get done with the changes, I will post a picture.

Right now, I am without a seat for the bike. I sent it out to Mean City Cycles, to have it rebuilt to fit my larger butt.

I also have a hard case on order that should be delivered any day now. It is a SHAD SH-48 Case. That will increase my storage capacity for my long trips. I will keep light items in it like my foul weather gear and extra clothing so not to make the bike top heavy.

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Congrats Rich, I'm going to miss that Red headed beauty, red heads were always my favorite .....Best of luck with the new touring. Mama
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