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I bought this cool Gangster front fender off of a fella here on this forum and I have decided that I am sticking with the steel fender I found while I was waiting to get the Gangster. It is in perfect shape and has been drilled to fit the c50. It will need painted to match your bike. I paid $100.00 plus $20 to ship and I am willing to take a LOSS to make someone a sweet deal so if you want it and you live in the USA you can have it for $100 with FREE USA SHIPPING!

I had a buyer a couple weeks ago but I think something must have happened to him. I am doing some more mods on my bike and I'd like to get them done before the hard winter sets in here in WV so I am offering it up for sale again. By all means if the buyer sees this you are still welcome to buy it I just can't afford to waste any more time while my parts are on order for my bike.

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