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site issues?

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finally able to get back on site

was getting time outs from multiple locations for a week now

was there an issue somplace
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Think we are getting reports of different problems in here now. I'll parse through what I can.

Connection Issues: @mdram, timeout issues is typically a result of poor connection. If that wasn't the case and you were only running into this issue on this site, then perhaps there was a bad cookie file interfering with the site loading properly, and perhaps it fixed itself when the cookie expired. Without a current problem, not much I can say for sure.

Quote Issues: can those with this issue clear cookies and cache and confirm what device and browser you are using? Not getting this problem on my end when testing.

Issues with using the site with mobile: if there are features missing that you think should be added, let us know. It's supposed to be more strealined then the full site, but we can always try and add more if possible.

doubt it was a cookie file
it was on multiple pcs's. work and home

but seems to be working for now
Thanks for getting back to us guys, glad it's back working for ye. Is anyone else still having issues?

Thanks for getting back to us guys, glad it's back working for ye. Is anyone else still having issues?

All working just fine here and thanks for your time and effort!
Why can't your print just be normal? Chicks do that kind of stuff
What's normal?

Courier New
Times Roman

At work we use the "comic sans" font with a dull blue color, defined by our marketing group. Something about easily separating work text/emails in a visual manner from other organizations.

My choice of "blue" text/font was for the same reason. To be frank, the font or color I don't care about, ... If you have one that you think is "normal", which font would that be and I'll change to it. The font doesn't make a difference. The size, attributes and background does. And, defaults are not always optimal for all devices, PCs, phones, tablets, etc.

If it isn't readable no one will read it.

Actually the black doesn't work on my tablet. Default color and font like the other 12k members use seems to work the best.
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Glad to see issues resolved here. Let us know if there are any other issues.

- JB
well, just one. theres this guy named @beezer ................
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