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Side bar posts only

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When i go onto the site im only seeing posts on the side bar,its been this way since the change, this cant be right ?
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Anybody know what im talking about ?
Fixed it the first day of the change over but don't remember how I did it. Go to bottom left of home page and click on FULL. Maybe Phyc0 will stop by and tell you how to do it.
Here you go bud. I hope this helps?

6) The side bar can be hidden in your user options.

Click on my profile / user cp at the top right.

- click on edit your details on the left.
- Look for Show Sidebar on Forum Pages under Additional Information.
- Click disable and save.
Sorry this didnt work,only seeing posts in the side bar ?? Only if i click on new posts i see them in the middle of the page
Yes, once you get off the home page, the sidebar goes away. That's how it works
I checked the member's profile, and the sidebar is disabled there as well.
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