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I have an 04 Volusia (vl800), i have been fixing it up little by little. Mine has the heel toe shifter, I have read on here where many of you took the shifter apart and cleaned it, then greased it and put it back together to find vast improvement. I chose to do that to mine because to me it felt clunky and every once in a while would get hung up when shifting on the road.

Long story short I took it apart and removed it from the bike. I cleaned and regressed both ball joints, cleaned the lever inside and cleaned the metal bushing. I then greased it and Put it back on the bike. When I took the linkage off the splines I made a mark as to how it was when it was on there prior. I lined this back up, reattached it and then put The shift lever back on.
I started the bike back up (in Nuetral) and downshifted to first. Then shifted back up to N, then 2nd, then 3rd. After that I didn’t feel it clicking into 4th. It wouldn’t go back into 2nd either. It was just stuck. After a few seconds I heard it click and then I could go back down to Neutral. It seemed to go into 1st harshly, then the same thing as before happened.
All that being said, what might I have done wrong?
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