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Redline and gear speeds.

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I know this topic has been tossed around before but no one has really answered yet...

On flat ground, what's the max speed for each gear? I know you shift when it feels right and that's been working for me and millions of other riders for a LONG time... I'm just curious if anyone has a link they could post that has the exact info in black and white, or even tell me what speeds do you normally up-shift at? I have an 04 volusia 800. Thanks in advance.
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and so Im seeing I bought a bike that won't break the 100 MPH mark.

Not that I go that fast but ...
I personally don't go triple digit speeds. I pucker at about 80 now. Its just the 100 MPH mark was always sort of a benchmark for bikes in the past. Its more of a mental thing I guess.
The C50 will top out somewhere between 90 and 95 mph (actual). The speedo is a bit optimistic and will tell you you're doing the ton, when you're really almost 10mph slower...

Close enough ! If I ever do try it, and look down and see 100 MPH.. then In my mind I hit the ton mark. :wayhappy:
1 - 3 of 31 Posts