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Redline and gear speeds.

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I know this topic has been tossed around before but no one has really answered yet...

On flat ground, what's the max speed for each gear? I know you shift when it feels right and that's been working for me and millions of other riders for a LONG time... I'm just curious if anyone has a link they could post that has the exact info in black and white, or even tell me what speeds do you normally up-shift at? I have an 04 volusia 800. Thanks in advance.
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and so Im seeing I bought a bike that won't break the 100 MPH mark.
Pretty much. And it will take it's time getting there too. But we all know that before taking this bike home, or at least we should.
Lets be honest guys... If we wanted a bike that would do 150+ mph we would've never even considered a cruiser of any type to begin with. Not saying there's not cruisers that will do it... But I like to ride just to ride. Not to see how many colors I can make blur together at once. Even with my 800 it has plenty of "get up and go" when I need it but I personally don't have a reason to cruise in triple digits...
I had the need for stupid speed for a few decades. I enjoy riding at all speeds now and don't have the need to hit the speed of sound because I've been there done that countless times.

But I will not likely give up the feeling of huge torque and monstrous acceleration. That aspect of motorcycling is a huge aspect of my riding enjoyment.
Oh I go triple digit speeds on my C50 regularly.

But they are kilometres per hour over here.:biglaugh:

Here too Coops. My issue is the new bike is a US model and I have to remember to convert.
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