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My parents are visiting. Today we did a little birding near the foothills. Then got some moto-looking in. Stopped at Punkin Center for a chat with Jody. That's at at the 72-129 junction. Saw a bunch of bikes. A Yamaha Venture was there. I took a good look. Strip off the bags and replace the fairing and it really looks like something I would like as part of my stable. That would be the Royal Star Deluxe. Pretty nice.

We had a sandwich at the BBQ place next door. Checked out a cool old Ducati, a Victory of some kind. Nice BMW, modern.

The trip up to Tabcat was no problem - surprisingly light traffic. Cop at Tabcat of course. Then a chance to test the Lincoln MKZ with 4 people in it. Hey! Does fine on the Dragon. Mostly saw cruisers, but really light traffic for a Saturday. Stopped at the overlook. Checked out a nice couple on VFr800 and Ninja 1000. The chick was on the Ninja, and she handled it nicely. I really like the VFR. So did wife unit. Hmm. Everyone else had the usual Harleys and such, making too much noise. Only one *******, a very low ******* count.

The MKZ did great over the hill. I don't really like the steering all that well. Light in the middle, then stiffens up as turned. But regardless, for a FWD vehicle it did very nicely. Easy to set up for the corners, steady, no wallow. Not enough power, of course. But I'm spoiled by my BMW 540i, which has a decent amount of torque. Easy to see out of the MKZ. Comfy, seats are good. Not as good as the BMW, but hey, it isn't a BMW. I could certainly live with it. Was easy to zip into pull offs to let bikes by.

Up at Deals Gap, Hwy 28 was going to be closed at 8 PM! I don't know for how long. If you're heading through that area by Fontana, might want to keep that in mind.

Wife and I wandered through the bike lineup. Standouts included CB750 nighthawk, which I could live with. BMW R100/7 - very nice condition. NC700 Honda, whose rider was extremely happy. A Hyabusa trike that was stunning. Various cool cruisers. Saw mostly good riding. A few obvious flatlanders.

Overall, really a calm and polite day at the gap. Don't hesitate to visit.
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