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So, the new Defy motor oil “wear test” ranking was 5th out of 14 high zinc oils with 1100 to 1800 ppm zinc. And it ranked 28th out of “ALL” the 48 oils I’ve “wear tested” so far. That makes it a mid-pack performer overall, meaning that there are many better oils available, as well as many oils available that are not as good. But, Defy did perform well enough to just make it into the OUTSTAND PROTECTION category, which would make it a perfectly good oil for anyone interested in running an oil with “seal swell” chemicals in it.

However, keep in mind that it’s TBN (Total Base Number, an acid neutralizer to prevent corrosion) value of 6.5 is somewhat low, so you would never want to think about running this oil for any extended drain intervals. But, if you change it at reasonable intervals, this TBN value won’t be an issue.

And the claim about preventing 98% of all future wear, is just smoke and mirrors advertising, nothing more. Its mid-pack ranking does not provide much confidence in supporting that claim, and no end user would ever be able to prove or disprove the claim anyway. So, all indications are that, that claim is about as worthless as that silly “300,000 mile Guarantee” by Valvoline.

Inflated hype is nothing new with motor oil, that’s for sure. And that reminds me of the claims on the bottle of the conventional Kendall 20W50 GT-1 High Performance with liquid Titanium, API SN. It says “Racing formula with extra Zinc”, yet Lab Testing showed that it only had 991 ppm zinc. It also said, “Exceptional wear protection”, yet in wear testing, it only ranked 35th out of the 48 oils tested, with only 83,365 psi “load carrying capacity/film strength”. So, you’d be much better served by choosing your motor oil based on something real and measureable, and not by believing advertising/marketing hype, which is seldom ever actually true.

As for the $5.29 per quart price of Defy, it is a good value for the money. But, an even better value for the money, is the $4.29 per quart 5W30 Chevron Supreme conventional API SN oil, which ranked 9th out of 48 oils with 100,011 psi “load carrying capacity/film strength”, which is 10.8% higher than the Defy. And the Chevron has an even higher TBN value of 7.5 as well.

For the complete test, see this link:

Quaker State’s New “Defy” Motor Oil – Lab Test and Wear Test Data - Corvette Forum
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