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Putting a 2011 C50 to the test - mega road trip

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I figured the way to really get the most out of the bike was to go on a 2 month long jaunt across the country. Back roads the whole way

Started in Boston.

1st leg destination is Sioux Falls, SD for a few beers with a buddy.

The circuitos route:

  • Woodstock, NY ✅
  • Harrisburg, PA ✅
  • Philadelphia ✅
  • Pittsburgh ✅
  • Columbus, Oh
  • Lexington
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Tunnel of Trees, MI
  • Minneapolis
  • Sioux Falls, SD

God I love this bike
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What he is not telling you also, he is doing it for and with work.... He is visiting client and family. gotta love Customer Success (service) personnel. He is one of the good ones. Mushin, be safe and have fun. We are missing you in the office. The weather my be waiting for you until you come back . Right now, we finally got 4 inches of water in a day. Bet you are not fairing that well either. I have been tracking your travels and you are in the bans of rain too.
Wow that is a bummer! Glad you were able to get it together. Some day we have to reverse your bolts and use wing nuts. That way, you do not have to try to thread it though the frames. To do that, you have to remove the rear tire. Make sure you have lock washers on those.
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Could be worse! Enjoy the game!
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Looking good!
You are doing well; we miss you in the office. As Beezer said, "Ride safe"! We will get together when you get back
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