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Putting a 2011 C50 to the test - mega road trip

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I figured the way to really get the most out of the bike was to go on a 2 month long jaunt across the country. Back roads the whole way

Started in Boston.

1st leg destination is Sioux Falls, SD for a few beers with a buddy.

The circuitos route:

  • Woodstock, NY ✅
  • Harrisburg, PA ✅
  • Philadelphia ✅
  • Pittsburgh ✅
  • Columbus, Oh
  • Lexington
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Tunnel of Trees, MI
  • Minneapolis
  • Sioux Falls, SD

God I love this bike
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Sorry guys got wrapped up in Indy and forgot to update. So I made Cincy and then moved onto Indy. Hanging out in Indianapolis for a few days.

Second roadside repair performed when I discovered that my low beam was no working one night on a twisty Ohio road. Sorry other drivers, your vision is gonna get it.

Cincy was a kick ass town. That area of KY and OH is twisty road on hillside goodness. Highly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

Indiana is another story. Heading to Chicago later this week.


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Skyline chili 5 way. I made 4 way last week :D

I lived in Cincy in '79 for 11 months. I was at the famous WHO concert.
Fresh crunchy onions is real good on that stuff. I skipped the beans this time. They make spice packs called Cincinnatti Chili that work real well for at home.
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Trade that bike in on that Cobra ;)
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You get to use your whole tire in WV. Love that state for riding!
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I worked in Malden in the mid '70s resurfacing slate chalkboards during school renovations. We stayed in Revere and at night went to The Rathskeller.

Building Window Snow House Facade

It was strange in the sense that I worked at the University of San Diego with sunshine for a week, came home for a week, and then went to a winter state of emergency in your area for close to 2 months. I never saw snow piled that high.
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I had my Triumph GT6+ to ride around while I was up there. I remember driving to try to get into a Talking Heads concert with the car floating on top of the snow. I drove all that way and the concert was sold out almost wrecking the car on the way. I eventually broke it and had to carry it home in a box truck anyway :p
Glad you're home safe. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride :)
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