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Putting a 2011 C50 to the test - mega road trip

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I figured the way to really get the most out of the bike was to go on a 2 month long jaunt across the country. Back roads the whole way

Started in Boston.

1st leg destination is Sioux Falls, SD for a few beers with a buddy.

The circuitos route:

  • Woodstock, NY ✅
  • Harrisburg, PA ✅
  • Philadelphia ✅
  • Pittsburgh ✅
  • Columbus, Oh
  • Lexington
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Tunnel of Trees, MI
  • Minneapolis
  • Sioux Falls, SD

God I love this bike
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Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for bringing us along!
There are (or always used to were) VR people at that event. Pretty sure Jerry and Lori (BirdDog and Born2BeWild) were regulars.
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Unless there's more stops, Ohio is 1 day from home. (or maybe I just go too fast... 😈)
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Wait, there's a Dairy Queen Store? Is that where you can buy a Dairy Queen so all the VR people will stop by?
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I worked in Malden in the mid '70s resurfacing slate chalkboards during school renovations. We stayed in Revere and at night went to The Rathskeller.

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It was strange in the sense that I worked at the University of San Diego with sunshine for a week, came home for a week, and then went to a winter state of emergency in your area for close to 2 months. I never saw snow piled that high.
Blizzard of '78?
That snow was over my head at our house! It forever ruined winter for me as I expected snow like that every year. o_O
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