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Putting a 2011 C50 to the test - mega road trip

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I figured the way to really get the most out of the bike was to go on a 2 month long jaunt across the country. Back roads the whole way

Started in Boston.

1st leg destination is Sioux Falls, SD for a few beers with a buddy.

The circuitos route:

  • Woodstock, NY ✅
  • Harrisburg, PA ✅
  • Philadelphia ✅
  • Pittsburgh ✅
  • Columbus, Oh
  • Lexington
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Tunnel of Trees, MI
  • Minneapolis
  • Sioux Falls, SD

God I love this bike
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enjoy and ride safe. Post pics as you travel along.
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looks like your having fun...enjoy. fwiw...if your a nfl fan, stop by the nfl hall of fame in Canton, Ohio on your way home or on your way out...worth the visit.
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hope you also got a can of seafoam in that bag in case you pick up some bad gas along the way and the ride starts acting funny. If not...put a can and measuring cup in your bags somewhere.
great state for riding...enjoy.
love the artwork on the side of that building...
better to break down near civilization vs out in the middle of nowhere...hope the part comes in sooner than later...good luck.
sux...enjoy the game and guess one can now add a spare clutch cable to their emergency kit list if going on a long trip. hope you got a spare key w/you.
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give me some ol time pinball
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careful out there...enjoying the pics.
poor deer...then again thats not what I'd be mumbling if one came rolling up my front hood and thru my windshield...
so much for the all the talk about c50/s/volusia's not being able to handle a long trip...glad the troubleshooting was minimal. Welcome home.
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