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Pro help needed for vz800 M50

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I seem to be just throwing parts at something that is not getting fixed.

nasty misfire all the time. 2006 M50 fuel injection.

Back story:
bought the bike not running, replaced fuel pump and cleaned out the tank and she was running great for a couple of days. started developing a smaller miss. Made sure battery cables were tight and seemed to be better until bike warmed up. Started missing every time bike was warm. Ran fine when cold.
replaced plugs, no difference. Stalling at red lights but starts back up fine and rides with a miss. Replaced coil packs, nothing changed. Miss is getting worse and now does it when cold as well. Idles poor. Miss getting worse. Adjusted idle speed, no difference. One day, bike wouldn’t start and kept popping main fuse. Found 3 wires that burned out, replaced and repaired, bike ran again, major miss is still there. Plugs and coil have spark.
the bike runs, has a nasty miss 80% of the time. Seems to not miss as bad at full throttle or even mid throttle.
Bike is completely stock, no aftermarket parts.

not sure if I should try to replace injectors and/or ecu. Not sure what other problems could be. Ive never had these problems with other bikes I’ve owned.

I am missing my wind therapy
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Have you replaced the fuel lines ? They deteriorate over time.
ECU is merely a program on a chip.
Remove the injectors and check for flow obstruction, or possible electrical malfunction.
I have a 2005 C50 and have had the same problem in the past. For me, it was the injectors. I've gotten pretty good at getting them out and checking them. You need to be very sure you've got that tank clean of rust, or you'll just be cleaning them every month or so. As me how I know!
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