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Posting pics on VR

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I have always used Photobucket (along with the patient instruction by Woodswoman) to post pics on this site . Photobucket recently changed their policy and wants $400/yr to use their service. Too rich for me.

Can anyone tell me of an alternate method of posting pics here?
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Sounds like you have to change to a different user than photobucket because they're not going to let you do it without paying them the $400.
The search function should direct you to a number of threads on this topic.
Hi there,

There are several alternatives, I've seen a lot of users switch to Imgur. I should also say uploading directly is the most future-proof method of posting. We are currently in the process of trying to find a resolution to the PhotoBucket debacle however there is no ETA on this.

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Hello there,

Also, note that there are browser extensions that are a temporary fix to Photobucket.
Google Photos is also a great option for photo sharing purposes!

Best regards,

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