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I've had a few people contact me and ask how I've been able to work around Photobucket's aggravating new limitation on embedding images within my posts on the forum. So I put together this tutorial.

Note: I have a paid Photobucket subscription -- the cheapest they offer -- so you may not have quite the same luck with this that I do. (But I'll bet you will.)

Please try it, and let me know how it goes. If it works well enough, I'll 'sticky' this post.


You're probably very familiar with using the links Photobucket has disabled for all but 'premium' users, but has still teasingly left visible to the rest of us.

But with a few extra steps, you can work around this yourself! Here's how.

STEP 1: Within Photobucket, locate the picture you want to embed in your forum post.

Right-click that image, and choose to Open Link in New Tab. (That's how Google Chrome describes it; other browsers may not use this exact language, but should give you the same option.)

STEP 2: From the new tab that opens, copy the picture's URL.

STEP 3: Switch to the Forum, and paste the URL you copied into your post.

Once pasted, click the Advanced button below the post's composition box.

STEP 4: You'll then see a Preview, what your post would look like if you were to finalize it now. Just a hot link, right? Now let's fix it.

STEP 5: Scroll down the page. You'll get to the Advanced post properties, including the URL you pasted, with some important modifications.

See how the Forum software helpfully put some brackets and 'url' controls there for you?

You must edit these a bit, as follows:

(A) Remove the letters 'url' where they appear, and replacing them with the letters 'img'. IMPORTANT: This is case sensitive! Use only lower case letters.

(B) Do not remove any brackets or slashes.

(C) If the link to your Photobucket image contains anything between the .jpg and the brackets, as shown below, simply delete that stuff. (Photobucket seems to throw that stuff in intermittently.)

STEP 6: The edited link should look rather like this.

STEP 7: Now, click Preview Post.

BOOM! If you now see the picture, instead of the hot link, you've got it right.

STEP 8: Post that! And bite me, Photobucket! >:)

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