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With the new bike, I have to lose one. I Removed from my 2006 C50t:

SOLD:::::2 pc studded Mustang seat(#75810): $290 plus shipping. (will have to check with UPS or PO for shipping cost). In very good condition. Think it will fit 2004-2008 Boulevard c50 and 2001-2004 Volusia, but check Mustang site to be sure. :::::::SHIPPED

SOLD::::::VA Lowers $75 shipped, Installed before the New Mexico trip this spring, one small pit where it bolts to fork. (clamps and bolts included, just not in pics) :::: SHIPPED

SOLD:::::Cyclistic passenger peg extenders, Aluminum Billet, $75 shipped. ::::::SHIPPED
From what I read, there are real problems shipping to Canada, so these are lower 48 only.

If any of our northern members have surmounted the shipping obstacles, I apologize for my ignorance and I will try to work with you.:scoot:


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