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Hope that title caught all attention..

i dont know if there is one.. havent seen one.. either that or im blind.. but i reckon we should have a Members Ride section so members can show off their bikes - doesnt have to be bikes can be other things, a place for members to show off their bikes - tell people what theyve done to them, what theyre planning to do with them, custom bike - car - anything builds. i can sort of do a small one down below..i guess its sort of a members introduction.. but members rides can go a bit more indepth.

Hello, im Ryan.. Also known as ARBI - my beloved bike is a 2005 Suzuki VL800 c50 Boulevard..

I bought the bike a phew days ago and now that i have got it home, it is starting to show little signs of neglect from the PO.

Anyway.. i have started to do a phew things to my bike so it is a reliable vehicle, because i intend to use it as a daily rider.

Things ive done so far.

Oil change and filter
final drive oil
coolant change
changed the brake fluid and yes changed the hose too
ive taken the sissy bar and back seat off along with the saddle bags
spent 2 hours polishing the chrome.
tried to do a clutch adjustment but no luck..stilll slips..
(in australia in queensland.. if you have 2 seats on a motorcycle, 12mnths rego and compulsory third party insurance, it cost around 500-600 dollars.. with only 1 seat is about 200 dollars for 12mnths rego and compulsory third party insurance) so till i can afford 2 seats i will be left with 1.

what im going to do..
My tank has cancer..not bad..but it does.. so im gonna do a DIY job and see how i go.. i will document my processes and take photos so will see how it goes..
it looks like im gonna need a new clutch, so ive ordered a clutch kit off ebay and i will do the clutch,tank and valve clearances all at the same time...
will replace radiator hoses down the track..
and the fuel hoses..
will also fit a inline filter in the mean time just so the rust doesnt happen to attack my injectors or worsen my motor
going to look at cleaning my white wall front tyre and getting one for the back!.

im only 21 and im still learing about the joys of owning a motorcycle.. im on a minimum wage and have to support my parnter until she finds work.. but early days! things will get better!.. so i appreciate all the help i have already received off this forum, and look forward to the years to come.

couple of photos.


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