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well, new riding season officially underway as per the usual season beginning routine..."bring bike in for a once over to make sure everything is what it should be and up to snuff..." gets checked off the things to do list...

closed last years riding season on Dec 31...yep..remember the contest...and before putting the bike to bed for the winter as the snow started falling shortly after, changed the oils...made a mental note that it needed a new rear tire...

so brought it in tuesday... new rear tire, replace plugs and give an overall once over to make sure all is well ...last years tire...metz 880, mounted roughly same time as this year and 17k mileage I have gotten on any rear tire I have ridden on. IRC's I religiously used on my 04 vol...for the 87k I logged on her averaged 12-14k per rear tire... began using the metz when i got the c90 and so far have gone thru 3 rears getting 14k,16k, and 17k...considering I am now riding a little 2 up..very pleased with the wear...anyhow...service dude reminded me to go easy the first 100 miles... could have sworn he said make sure you log at least 100 miles...and needless to say 3 hours later and 108 miles on the new tires I pulled into the driveway very pleased with the ride of the bike. A bit more pep and looks like prepping bike for the new riding season is complete.

Have a safe and enjoyable riding season all.
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