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New like Notifications

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when I click on "new like received" in the "your notification" drop down menu, it takes me to my "visitor messages" home page and the notifications do not reset. it usually gives me a list of people who liked my posts.

Is it just me?

FYI, the "new post quotes" redirects, works fine and resets itself after you click on it.
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So what else is new????
I liked it when you could see the resent post at the bottom of the page but when it was explained how to move them from the side to the bottom I must have been asleep & didn't understand how to do it
To see your likes, you have to go to your visitor page. Scroll down and hit the number under likes received. That will show you who liked you.

Hope this helps.
Just to reiterate, this is the workaround to be able to view/clear your New Likes notifications. We are aware that there is a glitch with the way it currently works, however our technical team is pretty busy handling site migrations and SSL certs, so until they have an opportunity to look for a fix, this workaround is pretty easy to do in the meantime. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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