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New hand grips for my bike...

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Some leather work...and voala...

Light Rectangle Manhole cover Flooring Wood

Manhole cover Manhole Rectangle Sanitary sewer Road surface
Musical instrument Flute Wood Wind instrument Bumper
Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire Motor vehicle Light Automotive lighting
Bicycle tire Light Bicycle handlebar Automotive tire Tire

Automotive tire Grass Gas Automotive wheel system Auto part

Manhole cover Wood Rectangle Manhole Flooring
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really looks nice...enjoy.
Well, that is interesting, nice work. Going to assume you placed them over the stock grips, how do they feel? Just installed grip puppies on my ride, pretty good.
I love it! Not only does it look good, it's original.
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Take off the rubber grips and stitched over the plastic.
Looks killer, well done sir. Digging the tank bib too. Noice.
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I like them too. (y) You did a good job.
Can you show a pic of the bib? Did you make that too?
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As my 15 yr old would say, "Those are low key sick!"
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