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New England Gang.. Saturday May 20th...Cruising The Cape

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ok...mays ride will be the saturday before Memorial Day weekend... still working on the particulars but for those perhaps considering a day drip of riding to The Cape, figure before the actual Cape Season offically begins, take advantage of hopefully less traffic and do this ride i have been talking about doing for years now but like like half the useless dribble that comes out of my mouth...all talk,,,no action, time to put up or shut up on my end.

So save the date...keep an eye open here for the details and lets hope the weather gods make this doable...late shouldn't really be a factor other than heavy rains.
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Thinking, I have a graduation party in the evening.
Blocked on the calendar.
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bumpidy doo

Wait. Wrong thread?
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I've always wanted to ride my motorcycle on the Cape.

Unfortunately, it's about 4 hours -- nearly all droning on the interstate -- for us to merely reach Buzzards Bay. I don't even enjoy that part of the trip in a car.

Anyway, we'll just be getting back from a 2-week road trip (on 4 wheels), something like 3,500 miles, to visit family. So we can't make this gig. But we hope everyone has a good time.
I read somewhere that there's currently only one lane open on the bridge, so I'd plan for extra time to get through it.
good heads up ken...thanx. Hopefully whatever they are doing will be completed by then...I'm sure with the season beginning the following week, the last thing they want is added traffic delays...then again...hopefully the project doesn't go on all season long. Guess we'll find out.

Sagamore Bridge Lane Closures Begin; 'Travel Delays Are Likely' - CBS Boston (
Juat get a pass to take the tunnel! 🤣
I'm hearing that Mass DOT is aiming to finish the work by Memorial Day. So it will probably still be under construction on May 20th.
I was over the bridges a week or so ago. Traffic was not that bad. I have seen worse when the bridge was totally open.
Watching the news today, crews finished early on the bridges over the canal. Road should be clear for your ride.
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if the weather is anything like its been the last few days, it will be a great day for a ride.
just a friendly reminder for anyone looking to cruise this saturday...
I'm still dependent.
What's a good place to meet you along the way? I could take 395 down to 44 or 6. You heading east on either of those?
let me send a message to mark and see what he suggests as a good place to meet him and we can figure from there where we can meet to then ride together to meet him...
you thinking route 6 or 195 over from providence to the Cape?
either one or whatever you think is best...haven't been to the cape in years never mind by for suggestions...where are you thinking we could meet you?
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