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mushin went down...

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I just heard that Mushin went down Sunday.

Here is his post he sent to the office.

Welp, I went and had me a little accident. 35 mph style. Broke my foot but other wise unscathed. But only because I wore my gear. Helmet. Jacket. Armored gloves. Reinforced jeans with layers. Saved my ass.

Wear your gear people. Wear your gear.

Keep the old koger in your prayers! However, he met a very pretty EMT! I would not recommend meeting women this way.
Health care provider Glove Health care Vision care Sleeve


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glad he's ok
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Update, his bike is okay. He was on his friend's fatboy. It sustained minor cosmetic damages like floorboard, mirror and scratches on the tank.
Doesn't sound like minor damage...
Good advice on the gear!
Heal well Josh
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