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Thanks for the well wishing. She didn’t want to stop. :ROFLMAO:

holy crap people, wear your gear. My jacket, gloves and reinforced pants look like Freddy Krueger had a go at me. Just a couple of spots on me.

the damage:

  • Totaled bike
  • damaged parked car that the bike smacked
  • shredded leather jacket
  • tore up gloves
  • shredded reinforced jeans
  • broken toe and slight chip on the top of my foot
  • small spot of road rash caused by my thermals under my jacket.
  • life lesson about breaking too hard

I’ll be back out there sooner rather than later.
Welcome to the club. Went down twice in 2009/ ATGATT saved my life both times. Broken wrist on one, dislocated shoulder on the other. Our daughter went down on the WVA turnpike in 2018. ATGATT saved her life too. I try not to judge the people who ride in a wife beater and a doo-rag, but having met pavement twice with unintentional dismounts, I cringe when I see them.
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