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I had been having the familiar head buffeting problems above 55 mph and found a solution that I am very happy with. It is the Memphis Shades Fork Deflectors, with the MS Fork Deflector Mounting Hardware Part No. 2321-0166.
MS notes that the Fork Deflector Hardware does not fit the C50. The reason is that the mounting hardware is 3-4mm (~1/8") too large in diameter for the C50 upper forks, so you will need something to fill the gap. I used some pieces of old Motorcycle Tire Innertube, and it works great.
Why not use the MS Fork Deflectors with the MS Lowers Mounting Hardware that others have used? From what I can see the MS Lowers Hardware extends a bit further forward of the forks, and I was afraid that they would not fit well behind the stock turn signal lights. I like the way these fit as well as the appearance. They almost dissapear unless you are looking for them.
A few tips for installation (for the mechanically challanged like me):
Cut a section of old motorcycle innertube a bit larger than the final size. Temporarily hold it in place on the fork with a piece of tape. Place the mounting hardware over this and trace the top and bottom outlines and cut them out clean with a sizzors. You can do it, sure you can. (said like Mr. Rogers) Cut the ends so that there is no overlap. Wipe the powder off of the inside of tube to avoid possible slippage. Tape it back in place and do the final install.
Once installed bounce the front end to be sure the screw does not contact the fender anything else on the bike. They will need to mount nearly perpendicular to the forks. Check that eveything is tight and follow all of the MS installation safety instructions.
Here are some photos.


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